Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Exciting new things to come...

So, things are still SLOW with our Taiwan adoption. Normally, this would depress me, but I am definitely in a good place right now. We are pursuing other options at this point and I am excited to see where God leads. (*Hint-think Africa!)

I have talked with many social workers from many different adoption agencies and are figuring out the best way to do another adoption, while keeping our dossier in Taiwan as well. We should have time to do one before even getting a referral from Taiwan. Right now there are two possible options for us, but we should know better in a week or two exactly what we are doing and how it will all work out. Once we are set, I will definitely share so that everyone can know our plans and pray for us as we start another process for bringing home one of the children that God has for us.

So excited to see where this all goes....until next time...

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