Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We're back!

Okay, so we have been back for a couple of days now, but I have been very busy. My house is pretty much still a disaster, but at least the luggage is unpacked and put away.

We had a great time in New Jersey. The wedding was really nice and went really well. Jayce walked down the aisle! We didn't think he would at first. He walked in, looked at all the people, and walked right back out. I pretty much figured it wasn't going to happen at that point. Then he came back in and did it! He acted really shy and kind of covered his face with his hand, but he did it!!! And he looked adorable, by the way.

When we went to the airport to leave on Sunday, our flight was way overbooked. So, we volunteered to take a later flight and were greatly rewarded! We got to fly first class and got 400 dollar vouchers for all of us! It was a long day in the airport, but definitely worth it!

No new news on the adoption. I found a few little girls who are adorable on rainbow kids, and I have sent our info to that agency so that maybe we can review their files. They are both from Korea, but both of them already have families looking at their files. So, we will hear back if their files become available. If it's meant to be, I am sure we will hear. It would mean changing our homestudy and other info for a different country and going through a different agency, and I am not sure if we want to do that unless it all seemed to work out and feel right. So, we will see...

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