Thursday, September 16, 2010

Uganda here we come!

I type this with some reservations, only because I know how quickly things can change in the world of adoption. As of now, the plan is to proceed with a Uganda adoption. We have been fortunate enough to have a Christian social worker who has given our name to a friend who has adopted from Uganda. This friend is also now helping families adopt from Uganda through missionary friends of theirs and a Christian attorney. We are very excited to start getting our dossier ready for a Uganda adoption, since there are children over there who NEED a home RIGHT now. So, the quicker we get our stuff together, the quicker we get a referral and can go over to Uganda.

This process will go relatively fast. Which is great because it will give us plenty of time to come home and adjust to life with another little one, before getting a referral from Taiwan. The process will also be less expensive because there is not an agency (and all the fees that go along with one) involved. However, it will still be quite expensive, especially once it is time to travel. We are excited about some fundraising opportunities that should help us with some of the cost. There is a great website ( that offers wholesale prices to families adopting and then we can sell items, like t-shirts and Uganda necklaces, and make 5-10 dollars on each item. I am also excited because the necklaces and t-shirts are very cool and are a great way for all of us to draw attention to the orphan crisis in the world. So, once I know exactly how we are going to sell these items, I will let everyone know! I would also recommend everyone checking out the two ladies blogs who started 147 million orphans and their friend who is a missionary over in Uganda. You can find their blogs from the 147 million orphan website. It is amazing what God is doing in their lives and over in Uganda through them. It is also very eye-opening to the need over in Uganda.

I will definitely try to update this more as we continue on in our journey...

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