Sunday, October 31, 2010

Waiting, waiting, waiting..

So, everything was going really well, almost too well as far as international adoptions are concerned, and we hit a little bump in the road. Nothing major and we are still very happy with this process, but the paperwork we have been waiting on is still not in our hands! We just need our I171h form (we had one for Taiwan but need it to be changed to Uganda instead) and we can go get Kai. I have done everything I can to try and expedite the process and others have tried to help as well but there is nothing we can do but wait. Most likely this extra waiting means we will not get to travel to Uganda until January. In December, everything pretty much shuts down and the judges all go on a month long break. So, it is looking like we will not be leaving until January. We also are still waiting on Kai's medical reports. Her caretaker has tried several times to get the info from the doctor and it is very frustrating. But she was promised to have Kai's reports (along with the other children in her care) by Monday. So, hopefully we will have more info. tomorrow. Also, when Kai was taken to the doctor, the doctor said there is no way she is eight months old and thinks she is really more like six months. We are hoping to find out more about that so we can change her birthday if need be to be more accurate. We just have to wait and see what info. we get and what we should do. Right now we are just waiting on a lot of things, but we are confident that God has a plan and His timing is best!

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