Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kai Shiela is so cute and doing well :)

I haven't posted in a while, but things are proceeding really well. Our dossier did in fact make it to Uganda and Kai has been picked up from the baby home and is being well cared for until we can go and get her. We even got to see a picture of her, and she is so adorable. We are hoping to get more pics and the full medical this week. She goes for a complete medical exam on Tuesday and we are hoping and praying that everything is well and she is healthy (besides the fact that she is under weight-she only weighs about 11 pounds right now.) We also found out her birthday is February 8. She has been eating and sleeping well and we will continue to get regular reports on how she is doing. We are waiting on our I600 form to be processed and to get the I171h form back in the mail. Once we have that form we are set with everything and can have a court date. Once we know when the court date will be, we will book everything. We want to bring her home as soon as possible (obviously.) So, please pray for that form to come back to us ASAP. We will most likely be traveling to Uganda right after Nov.26 (Taylor and Molly's wedding) and should be home in plenty of time for Christmas, which would be awesome :) I will try and keep this updated as I find out more info about Kai and our travels. Thanks everyone for your support and prayers!

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