Saturday, November 20, 2010

Can't wait to go get Kai!

It seems very unreal that we are leaving here so SOON to go get Kai. This whole process has gone so fast and has been quite the contrast from our Taiwan adoption experience. Taiwan is pretty much at a standstill and I wonder if it will ever happen, and here we are going to Uganda Dec. 1st to get our baby girl :) My heart for Uganda and Africa, in general, is overflowing with love and also a lot of pain. The suffering, all the orphans and poverty, sickness, all of their history. It is unbelievable and I know that going will be life-changing. We are so ready to go get our baby and see her/hold her for the first time! The plan is to go meet her and take her into our care Dec. 3rd. We are also very nervous and anxious about going. We are leaving behind our boys (although we know that they will be in great care with my parents) and leaving the month of Christmas. We have been "Promised" to be back before Christmas, but TIA (This is Africa!) so really there are no guarantees and nobody know what will exactly happen and how the whole process will unfold once we get there. Our biggest concern right now is getting an appointment with the Embassy and hoping that they will get all of the paperwork processed in a timely manner. Hopefully they will be anxious to process our file before Christmas and it will be done quickly. We should have Kai's passport ready before we even get there and as long as everything goes well in court, our only real concern is getting the visa! So please pray for us, but specifically for the visa process. We have a lot of packing and planning to do, and we will be having a very busy week getting ready for Taylor and Molly's wedding on Nov. 26 (not to mention having all family, guests, and Thanksgiving dinner, reahearsal dinner, work and school next week too!) I probably will not be writing again, unless something drastically changes, so please keep us in your prayers! Thanks!!!! Taryn

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